Welcome to my Humble Abode

If you’re reading this, thank you.  I decided to start putting my passion in one neat little place.  Most of my posts will be about the sporting world (duh).  I’ll share my own personal views on games, players, teams and happenings, and try my best not to bore you in the process.  Let me know how that goes.

I’m obsessed with all things sports, most notably the Jaguars, Noles, Heat and Duke Blue Devil basketball, all of which I was raised on.  My greatest love is Jags football, as I was born in Jacksonville just two years before the city was awarded a NFL franchise.  I bleed teal and black, because in my eyes, I’m lucky enough to be a native of one of the 32 cities that hosts a NFL team.  My dad taught me at a young age the importance of experiencing things with the ones you love, so I love experiencing Jags and Noles games (home and away) with my family and friends.  I believe that having shared passions and interests with people you care about is vitally important, and sports accomplish that.   I attend all Jags home games unless something really, really, really, (paging Derek Zoolander) important is going on elsewhere in my life.  I also attend *most* FSU home football games.  I’ve had some ultimate highs and some devastating heartbreaks inside the walls of EverBank and Doak Campbell, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

I’m also addicted to the roundball (pause).  Pops is a Duke grad, and was a student there before Duke basketball was DUKE BASKETBALL.  I grew up watching games with him, and have become an even bigger Blue Devil and ACC Hoops junkie than he is.  I believe that the best basketball in America is played on Tobacco Road and in the surrounding areas, and I hold the Final Four in the highest of regards.  There is nothing like four college fan bases coming together for a weekend and taking over a city.  All four groups come with the same common goal in mind, and with the others standing in their way.  I’ve been fortunate enough to attend three Final Fours with my father and those are memories that I hold dear.  I became a NCAA Hoops fan as a young boy, and developed into an avid NBA fan by the time I was a teenager.  Dad is from Miami, and his family taught me how to be a Heat fan.  I started following the team in late elementary school, and was a freshman in high school when they won their first championship.  Dwyane Wade is the GOAT, and no, he’s not washed, despite what ESPN tries to tell you.  The man finished 11th in points per game this year people, and 4th (!!!) in 4th-quarter scoring.  Hop off him.  Oh, and LeBron would have become the greatest player to ever play the game had he chosen to stay in Miami.

Anyway, there’s a little rundown of the teams I love and what you can expect to see me writing about.  Not everything will be about just those teams though, as I watch way too much sports for my own good.  Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope to keep you coming back.



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